Adventurer / Photographer / Gear Geek / Brand ambassador

Cormac (para)- “at or to one side of, beside, side by side” 

I often find myself bouncing around from one thing to another.  From swimming with sharks, performance guitar,  flying off Mt. Kilimanjaro, to becoming a paramedic, I find it hard to call any one thing my "Jam."   I will always take some new thing/destination/sport/hobby as far as I can go.  

It was probably in 2003, I was standing on one of our local mountains in Santa Barbara and my older brother and I were going to take our first flight off the side of the hill.  After a clean launch my eyes opened wider, my worldview shifted.  Something happened...  And things have never been the same.

This site is dedicated to for that moment.  The one you only dreamed of.  Those moments inexorably sears into your retinas for the rest of our lives.  Lets carry that camera for that.  Maybe we can bring a piece of it back into the default world.

"Buy the ticket, take the ride." --- and take some photos..

- Hunter S. Thompson

Kili - Kilimanjaro  

Kili - Kilimanjaro