My Hawaii Essential Gear - 5 minute read by Cormac O'Brien

Hey friends!  I'm taking a little trip out to Kauai and Maui to see some friends get hitched and definitely find some adventures!  I put together a post talking about some of my essential items.

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Why I'm afraid and why I like it. - 4 minute read by Cormac O'Brien

For 2 summers in a row, I have taken a road trip on my motorcycle from my home of Santa Barbara, CA, to Jacksonville, OR, for the annual Rat Race Paragliding competition. (Yes, paragliding competitions exist and this is how they work.)  With a month off work, my paraglider already on it’s way north, my bike packed with spare parts, tools, and all weather gear, I had only one thought, “Let’s do this.” 

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